What If You Can’t Afford Medical Help?

Can You Afford Medical Help?


Ways To Help You Afford Medical Care In The US

Yikes, even with changes in health care reform coming down the pipeline, millions of Americans still lack good medical policies, and many cannot afford good care. At least, they think they cannot afford medical help. One of the big problems with medical assistance is that the public is ill-informed about how to access it.


One of the best resources online is the website provided by non-profit group, The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPARX.ORG). Started as a way to help Americans afford prescriptions, its services have expanded beyond the original mission. A few of the things you can find online include these:

  • Find Prescription Assistance Programs
  • Zip Code Search For Low-Cost Clinics and Other Medical Services In Your Local Area
  • Private Foundations With Assistance For Specific Diseases
  • More…

Local Assistance Missions

Many areas have local missions that help provide services to people with low incomes or other problems.  These might be supported by an affiliation of local churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. They may have names like “Local City Assistance Ministries.” Since they are supported by a variety of local faiths, you do not have to worry that the word “ministry” means you will have to be preached to. Instead, you can call to see if they can provide you with assistance. Some services that these ministries may provide are:

  • Transportation for elderly or disabled people
  • Food banks
  • Low-Cost clinics for medical, dental, and vision needs
  • Counseling
  • Job placement services
  • Help for the homeless
  • more….

Getting Kid’s Health Covered

CHIPS (Children’s Health Insurance Program) provides coverage for low-income kids from low to moderate income families who do not have other access to coverage. It is a joint program between states and the federal government, so you need to find the website for your home state. If you can get your kids covered, that will be one less medical bill to worry about.

By the way, CHIPS also covers low to moderate income pregnant women who do not have other access to a medical plan. If you cannot afford medical insurance, there is no reason to suffer if you have a limited income. The income requirements will differ by state and your family size.

Is There Other Medical Help?

There are other resources, and the ones outlined here are just the tip of the iceberg. If you look for these programs, people there may be able to point you towards your country hospital system, state and federally supported health clinics, women’s clinics, and more.


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